Use Cases


Enabling Edge Computing

Edge Computing enables information to be processed at the point of collection, but it requires a 5G connection to facilitate its connectivity requirements- the ability to transmit massive amounts of data in real-time. For example, convoys of autonomous vehicles require fast and stable connections to receive traffic updates, real-time information on road conditions and instantaneous vehicle status.

Reduced Cost

Edge applications powered by Shabodi at remote sites can reduce data costs by performing real-time analytics at the cloud edge.

Optimized Performance

Messages at remote sites can be sent on a need by need basis and analysed locally- improving security, keeping data sovereign and lowering data-transfer costs.

Tap into the power of 1G with Shabodi

Many application developers assume that existing applications will automatically work faster on a 5G network. However applications that require lower latency or network support will have to be refactored & reconfigured to work optimally on a 5G network. Shabodi's patented AEP provides simple interfaces to control and customise these network functions, making it simple for developers to deploy next-gen applications on a 5G network.

Industry 4.0 - Smart Manufacturing

Industrial IoT

Traditional mobile radio systems and devices used in factories do not accept video and more advanced communication systems. Replacing these with 5G systems can enable streamlined communication and reduce cost of sensors.

Massive long-term savings

A 50,000 sq.m factory floor that invests upto $50 million over a five year period to install IoT devices can save on 15-20 times the number of sensors, potentially achieving cost savings of upto $500 million.

  • Streamlined communication and control of robotics and overall automation.

  • Supply Chain enhancement - inventory management, logistics management

  • Sensor monitoring to predict and provide proactive maintenance - Condition based monitoring to forecast better including replacements, servicing etc.

Overall a factory runs more efficiently with Shabodi's AEP platform enabling manufacturers to power the low-latency and data hungry applications required to make these savings & efficiencies possible.