5G is the biggest disruption since the smartphone and Shabodi enables you to build high-performance enterprise applications on advanced networks such as - 5G, Wifi 6 and 6G.

Shabodi’s AEP is a CAPIF-compliant network appliance that exposes network capabilities to developers as Restful APIs. These simple APIs abstract the complexity of underlying 5G network infrastructure while taking full advantage of its capabilities. Enabling next-generation AI, MEC, AR/VR/XR and IoT applications to be enhanced "network aware".

Value Proposition

Speed to Market

Shabodi’s AEP simplifies and accelerates 5G application development, accelerating deployment and ROI timelines.

Ease of Development

Build once, deploy to any Shabodi-enabled Private 5G network, ensuring applications never need refactoring.

Lower Operations Cost

As a trusted network element, Shabodi protects the network from overutilization and over-engineering, ensuring valuable network resources are not wasted.

Standards Compliant

Shabodi's application APIs are built leveraging the open standard CAPIF framework, ensuring no vendor lock-in.

Vendor Agnostic

Shabodi's AEP discovers all Network Element function APIs, and outputs simplified APIs for application developers, regardless of NEP (Network Equipment Provider) vendor.

Trivialized Connectivity

Application developers can modify network services for their bespoke needs by utilizing simple REST APIs to invoke complex network services.

Modify the Network

How it works ?

Leveraging Shabodi's AEP trivializes the ability to modify the network by providing simple API interfaces for developers to reconfigure applications on a 5G network- saving time, money and resources.

how it works - with shabodi how it works - without shabodi


"Shabodi is the first company that I’ve seen build a platform that abstracts the complexity of 5G and demistifies it. This empowers enterprise developers to spend less time programming the network, and more time focusing their talents on building the next generation of 5G applications."

- Angel Saad Gomez VC, Angel investor, and Advisor

"Shabodi founders, Vikram and Harpreet, have formed a credible team that has the talent and drive to be a transformative force for the future of 5G deployments. What excites me about the Shabodi platform is its ability to trivialize the control of the 5G network by providing simple API interfaces for developers to reconfigure applications - saving time, money and resources."

- Vishal Makhijani President & COO at Zumper

"I’m excited for the potential of Shabodi’s platform to bring the many applications of 5G to life!"

- Joseph A. Beatty Investor and Advisor

"The 5G revolution is here, and in the next few years every major enterprise application will run on 5G. Shabodi is the ultimate solution for any organization looking to unlock 5G's unlimited potential without reorganizing their entire application development operations."

- Lior Carmel, Blumberg Capital



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Trivialized APIs for Next-Gen Application Development on 5G Networks

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