Cognitive Factory Workshop

Transform your digital initiatives into a strategic advantage.

In an era where digital transformation initiatives are vital yet often conducted in silos, the need for a cohesive approach is more crucial than ever.

Enterprise customers seek increased operational productivity and improved business outcomes by deploying and investing in private 5G networks. Most deployments consider Private 5G as a standalone project, focusing primarily on connecting a few sensors or autonomous guided vehicles.

Successful digital transformation is not just about upgrading technology; it’s about revolutionizing how this technology integrates within your operations to foster sustainable growth and continuous improvement.

Enabling manufacturers to transform their plant operations into cognitive factories involves making new programmable network capabilities accessible to sensors, devices, and controllers through simplified APIs.

Holistic Strategy Development

Comprehensive Blueprint Creation:

Start with a clear architectural blueprint aligning technology, people, and processes.


End-to-End Integration:

From IT and OT team collaboration to engaging with our network of partners, ensure seamless integration of your systems.

Strategic Industry Expertise

In-depth Industry Insight:

Leverage Shabodi’s extensive experience in automation and networked solutions to predict and navigate challenges.


Customized Use Case Development:

Tailored use cases developed during our factory visits and through workshops ensure solutions meet your specific operational needs.

Robust Partner Ecosystem

Comprehensive Network Solutions:

Benefit from a strong partner ecosystem to develop end-to-end solutions that are robust, secure, and future-proof.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Network-Aware Application Enablement:

Utilize Shabodi’s innovative platform to bring network awareness to critical applications, significantly speeding up time- to-market.

Optimized Network Performance:

Ensure your advanced networks are optimally deployed, preventing over-engineering and maximizing ROI.

Advanced Technological Integration

IoT and Automation Leadership:

Drive your industrial automation initiatives using the latest in IoT, AI, and edge computing.


Reduced Costs, Enhanced Quality:

Streamline operations and enhance quality, all while lowering capital and operational expenditures.

By choosing Shabodi as your partner in digital transformation, you ensure access to expert knowledge, industry-specific insights, and a strategic pathway tailored to harness the benefits of advanced wireless networks for your enterprise. This comprehensive approach not only accelerates digital transformation but also empowers your leadership team to drive significant business value through informed decision-making.

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