Shabodi included as an Emerging Vendor in IDC’s latest 5G report

Shabodi included as an Emerging Vendor in IDC’s latest 5G report

IDC recently included  Shabodi in the Emerging Vendor category for the Tech Buyer Presentation, IDC on “5G Trends and Applications in Asia-Pacific Manufacturing”. Doc # AP49341222, August 2022).”

This insightful IDC report covers the role and impact of 5G within the manufacturing sector, challenges in the adoption roadmap, investments, and geographically diverse regulations and compliance requirements across the Asia Pacific region.

We believe being included as an Emerging Vendor, two years into our existence indicates the value of Shabodi’s AEP (Application Enablement Platform) towards addressing real-world challenges involved with building “5G aware” applications.

Conceptualised and launched during the pandemic, Shabodi is transforming enterprise 5G deployments, making application development for 5G applications easy, seamless, and network agnostic.

We are accomplishing this via our patented Application Enablement Platform (AEP), which extends the 3GPP’s CAPIF framework beyond the Core to the RAN and Edge. 5G is just the beginning of application and network interactions, and the future of the enterprise belongs to network-aware applications. These applications interact with and effectively leverage the 5G network, transforming the role of the network from a pipe to a critical component of the application development ecosystem. Specifically, in manufacturing, applications built using AEP will enhance the capabilities of Industry 4.0’s smart factories, power seamless M2M, H2M, and H2H collaboration, improve workforce health and safety and contribute to the sector’s environmental sustainability agenda.

Shabodi’s AEP is designed to power network-agnostic and network-aware applications, helping developers and enterprises optimise development time and resource utilisation. Shabodi’s AEP enhances the ROI on the significant investment enterprises make in building their Private 5G networks.

As an up-and-coming scale-up in the Advanced Networking space, Team Shabodi is excited about being recognized in this report, after our participation in the 5G Open Innovation Lab and NSIN Propel.

Shabodi is venture backed by CEAS Investments, Blumberg Capital, SineWave Ventures, Counterview Capital and Shasta ventures, having raised $14+ million in funding. Team Shabodi is working with various industry sectors across enterprises, system integrators, and telcos to monetize their 5G deployments. These partnerships and recognitions collectively validate our remarkable journey in empowering industrial sectors to make the most of their Private 5G investments and deployments.