Monetizing 5G with Shabodi’s CAMARA for Enterprise Solution

The CAMARA open-source project was launched in 2022 by the Linux Foundation. It works closely with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to make it easier for developers to use network features like location, quality on demand, and other services on mobile devices. By creating standard rules for these features, the project hopes to enable developers to control camera functions and create new possibilities for 5G technology.

With CAMARA APIs, developers can build apps that work smoothly across different telecom networks. As per CAMARA, remote maintenance, online training, fraud prevention, and remote surgery, among others, are some of the recent use cases utilizing the CAMARA APIs.

Shabodi has been working to help advance the use of 5G network services through its Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform‘s (AEP) simplified RESTful Network APIs and joined the CAMARA project in September 2023. Shabodi aims to simplify the creation of network-aware apps for private 5G networks.

“Shabodi believes that Advanced Networks are more than a simple connectivity pipe. Exploring the intelligence in the networks requires exposing their capabilities to applications via simple APIs across Telcos and network equipment vendors. Today, we are pleased to announce the industry’s first enterprise reference implementation of CAMARA APIs in Shabodi’s Network-Aware AEP platform,” said Harpreet Geekee, co-founder/CTO, Shabodi.

STL Partners predicts that using network APIs could bring in over $22 billion in revenue by 2028* for telcos. Shabodi could be a valuable partner for telecom companies looking to Monetize their 5G network investments.

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Shabodi’s CAMARA for Enterprise solution


Monetizing 5G investments using network-aware APIs in purpose-built enterprise applications


Shabodi’s Network-Aware Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Value Proposition

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Monetizing 5G with Shabodi’s CAMARA for Enterprise Solution

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