Kevin Howe-Patterson

Chief Product Officer

Kevin Howe-Patterson, widely recognized as KHP, boasts over 35 years of expertise in crafting exceptional products, services, and business. As a pivotal figure at Shabodi, he spearheads the definition of the company’s roadmap, collaborating seamlessly with the technology and sales teams to deliver groundbreaking products for next-gen, network-aware applications.

Prior to joining Shabodi, Kevin held significant leadership roles where he played a key role in developing and delivering cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions for some of the world’s most valuable enterprises. His emphasis on communications and networking products and services underscored his commitment to excellence. Kevin possesses a distinctive ability to comprehend and convey the “big picture,” coupled with a potent blend of business acumen, technological prowess, and process expertise. His academic journey includes earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and an MBA from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.